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Facebook marketing – advertising channel of today

Facebook marketing is a way of advertising that is increased in comparison to other media. Facebook advertising is targeted advertising that, when used properly, can increase and enhance your business. Facebook advertising has a number of advantages that save both time and money. Facebook is the most active social network in the world and the number of users varies, but it is estimated at around 1.5 billion active users, which means that a good part of the world population is actively participating in Facebook activities.

This creates a large marketing space and a marketplace that is not narrowly specialized in just one service or product, but opens the door for all advertisers to offer their services or products.

Facebook is the first network where users (relatively) honestly provide information about themselves, their interests, activities, and more, thus creating fertile ground for creating specific target groups that have the same preferences.

By advertising on Facebook, you are increasing the exposure of your service or product in the online sphere, resulting in exposure of your services or products to more potential customers.

Facebook is a network that has narrowed the world, a social network that creates and expands connection, so advertising on this network cannot go unnoticed because Facebook is part of everyday communication. The advantages of Facebook as an advertising medium are that Facebook is accessible to everyone today, is an informative and active network. Today it comes installed on almost all electronic communication devices, such as cell phones, tablets and more. By advertising through Facebook, you keep in touch with your customers, and you can easily find out and identify what direction your business is headed. Successful Facebook Advertising requires knowing the goal, the audience, and determining the budget you want to invest.

Set a goal

Primarily, Facebook advertising is cheap, but not free and what matters is that it is measurable at all times. You have figures and statistics that you can very well use because you can see what the market wants and adapt to the wishes and requirements of the market, i.e. customers. Before you go into Facebook advertising, you need to create a Facebook profile for your service or product and have a payment card. You create Facebook ads in Facebook Ads Manager, a tool that explains each step separately.

After that, the first step is to define the goal of your campaign, that is, what you want to achieve with this method of advertising. A clearly defined goal will save you both money and time because you will know in the beginning what you want to achieve. You may want to brand your product or service, and you may want to simply increase the presence of your service or product in the online sphere. Every goal you set should be a realistic goal that can be achieved by a Facebook campaign. Once you’ve defined your campaign goal, you need to know who you want to present your campaign to. Knowing the target group means that you know the desires, interests, aspirations of those to whom you present your service or product.

By advertising on Facebook, you can offer your services or products to those who have intended use of them.

When selecting an audience, you adjust the parameters by creating your audience and filtering them. Creating a target audience for your advertisement narrows your audience. A filtered audience is that made up of individuals who fit into your image of potential customers by all parameters. Screen audience also means screen clients. This may not get you the number of likes, but the number of likes is a measure of success. Real clients are a benchmark for success. The parameters with which you adjust your audience makes it easier to direct them.

  • Location – Location limitation narrows your audience to the spatial limitations of your business. If you only operate in the territory of Europe, USA etc., you should not direct your advertising to neighboring countries or even beyond.
  • Age – Years give you the option to adjust the age range of your target audience.
  • Gender – You adjust this parameter if your products or services are for women or men only.
  • Demographics – Demographics such as language, business, education, and the likes also filter the audience.
  • Interests – Interest Groups are formed on Facebook by scanning data or commonly used words. By adjusting this parameter, you can identify which interest groups your product or service might be interested in. When you choose an interest that may be related to your service or product, you are exposing your product or service to users of related services or products, who may have previously considered what you are promoting necessary for various activities, whether business or private.

Addressing your target audience saves resources by turning potential buyers into real ones.

Complete the goal

To succeed in this type of advertising, you need to follow a few rules and understand how effective this advertising method can be.

First of all, be authentic. Always be original and never copy. Audiences can easily recognize or discover copied content. Copying breaks your credibility, which is difficult to acquire after a fall. In addition, be responsible and value your customers and their time. If you have decided to reach out to customers through your Facebook page, respect their time and don’t let them wait for a response. If you are prevented from responding immediately or need time to respond, indicate to the customer that they will receive a response as soon as possible. Customers will hold you responsible and feel respected.

Follow the plan – when you start your campaign, create a plan of announcements, work it out and stick to it. Do not flood the page with irrelevant content, rather post it less often, but keep your content quality. In this case, it is quality, not quantity, that matters. Encourage activity by creating content that will encourage your customers to engage in an activity or conversation. Ask questions that either you or your customers will ask for an answer to, and encourage your customers’ curiosity and activity. The story of your service or activity is great unpaid marketing.

Be free; if you see in your stats that a particular activity / event / post has a better response than another, go in that direction and you will be on the right track. Do not repeat good posts, but be sure to try to achieve the effect you caused by the next post.

What will definitely make you stand out in the ad mass is an attractive and engaging visual.

The human brain remembers the image faster and processes the image 60,000 faster than text. Do your best to make the visual pleasing to the eye and in no case cover it with text. Only 20% of the text should be clear, precise and give concrete and useful information. Good visual means good advertising. In your posts, always pay attention to the grammatical correctness of what you write, because the online community can be strict about this and consider it frivolous to advertisers who do not pay attention to what they write.


Once you've determined your target and target group, you'll need to determine the budget you want to invest in your campaign. There are two ways to make a payment; daily payment and lifetime payment. Like the second step, this step depends on your budget and how much you are willing to set aside. Facebook advertising is not free, but it is cheap considering the effect it can have.

Paying for ads can go either per click or per view. If you choose pay-per-click, Facebook charges you for each click, and if you choose pay-per-view, it pays for every thousand ads shown. This method is recommended when the goal of a campaign is to brand a product or service because the ad is often shown without specific targeting, while the number of clicks the advertiser makes sure that the ad is seen by potential customers.

The cost of advertising depends on the market in which you are advertising or the target audience you are advertising. If you are targeting a narrow group, then the cost of advertising is higher and if your group is wider then the cost of advertising is lower. In Western Europe, advertising prices go up to $ 0.40 per click. But not every click is necessarily a fan or a buyer. In this case, Facebook is just a middleman between you and your clients, but it depends on you and your site whether the click will “come to fruition”. Personalize the site, pay attention to the visual, be authentic and quality, and customers will recognize it.

Quality produces quality, which may mean that your business may not initially recognize the mass of the masses, but will recognize a quality clientele from which you will make a concrete profit. Initially, pages occasionally use false liqueurs and are cluttered with obscure symbols and inactive profiles. The number of likes may initially increase the credibility of the pages, but it is advisable to bypass them because it is not respectable to see them on the page and may ‘stifle’ your real customers.

The formula is very simple: set a goal and achieve that goal, very cheap and very smart by investing in Facebook Advertising.