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Google Ads (ex. Adwords) advertising

Google Ads are the world's largest advertising network through which thousands of domestic and foreign advertisers are advertised. This type of advertising is the most economical and cost effective because you pay for specific clicks on your pages.

Google Ads Advertising was launched in 2000 and Google has made a huge profit from this advertising system, which has become one of Google’s largest sources of funding. As the market for all services and products is expanding, so is the need for other forms of advertising other than the classic ones (primary advertising media such as television and radio).

In other words, with increasing competition in the near-limitless internet marketplace, the need for websites to appear on Google's first search engine pages has increased. Although the search engine rankings have been significantly smaller for years. Google Ads is an advertising tool that encourages advertisers to compete with each other and invest in this type of advertising. The statistics are on Google's side because 70% of people who search the internet click on only the first three results and 90% of people do not go to the second page on Google.

How do I get to and stay on the first page of Google?

First and foremost, every site you run should be optimized according to Google’s policies and standards, which you must follow and abide by. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is actually a whole series of activities that you customize your site by to improve search engine placement. Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to improve the position of your website on search engines. Although SEO saves time, it is not easy to optimize a page, since Google has over 200-page optimization features.

Page optimization itself can be divided into On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. When detailing a page, every detail should be paid attention to, as every well-tailored detail means a better chance of a higher position. However, while optimization is one of the prerequisites and ways to improve your position on Google, it is not enough to successfully occupy a first page position on Google.

Why not take advantage of Google Ads?

The Internet has become the most dominant advertising medium, so it is clear that Google, as the most dominant search engine, certainly has its advantages. Google Ads is a cost effective way of advertising if you want to have a great search engine ranking. It's clear how Google Search engine works; By typing in a keyword or phrase, Google throws you the results it deems most relevant to your query. This gives you the highest ranked results by Google estimates. The main advantage of Google Ads is that it targets the market very precisely, and with the help of Ads, it can reach an audience that is active at the right time in search of the service or product you are offering.

It's free to run ads, so you only pay for a click through to the page, which is just a click. In addition, the profitability of this advertising is measurable, and by following the trends, you can be ready for new changes to the algorithms to optimize your site. Google wants to be accurate in providing information, so by how your site is ranked on Google, you can know how optimized or non-optimized it is. Google search results work by Geolocation, which means that the same results are not displayed to people in different places, which is also one of the benefits of this advertising.

You can advertise with whom you want and where you want, you can specify your audience very precisely, and you can even specify the latitudes and longitudes of the location where you want to advertise. But don't think that every investment pays off immediately, it takes more than half a year for a new page to get rankings and rankings. And so with Google Ads Advertising, the more active you are and the more willing you are to invest in the payoff period, the more likely it is to pay off many times over. Google ad positions are ranked above all other search results, meaning a good and well-paid ad is first visible.

In addition to all these benefits, Ads Advertising introduces a new type of advertising called Remarketing. Remarketing is a form of advertising that helps you advertise only to users who clicked on your ad and visited your site in the past, and if a user leaves your site and resumes your competition, your ad will be displayed again.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads is a cost effective way of advertising if you want to have a great search engine ranking. It's clear how Google Search engine works; By typing in a keyword or phrase, Google throws you the results it deems most relevant to your query. In order to advertise with Google Ads, you need to do a little research, starting with your advertising goal and the necessary information. You start your Ads advertising at and select the type of your campaign. By choosing the type of your campaign, knowing the goal, Ads direct you to specific features designed for the success of your campaign. Set your goal according to what you want to achieve, but before doing so, study the goals in Google's Ads Marketing Guide.

After that, select the locations where you want your ads to appear and determine the size of the market. Next, select your bidding strategy and daily budget. Google Ads are working on a bidding system, which means it launches an action every time inventory is available. Each auction determines which ad will appear in that space at that moment, by setting a bid to participate in the auction. The Google Ads system uses its own data to automatically optimize your bidding. Your default budget controls your total spend. When setting your budget, you can specify manual or automatic payments.

When you choose to make a manual payment, you make a payment before the campaign and when the budget is spent, the campaign stops. When you choose automatic payment, a certain amount is split periodically until the campaign is stopped.

After the first three steps, go to Step 4. Create an ad or ad group. When creating your ads, the simplest recommendation of the Google Ads Guide is that more clicks have ads where the headline includes the keyword you are looking for. Create 3 or more ads per ad group and optimize your impression. Google shows the ad that has the highest chance of giving you the clicks or conversions you want. Ads are limited to 25 characters, 2 additional lines of text up to 35 characters each, and lines with a link between two segments.

You need to show the core and benefits of what you have to offer. If you offer great prices, discounts, or anything like that, you should include that in your ad. After that, you move on to the most important part — keywords. Keywords are those words or phrases that people type in and search for them. You need to do keyword research to know what keywords people who want your services or products are searching for. Identify a smaller set of words related to what you offer, but highlight the core of your service or product. Google does not imprecise, so you can use the Keyword Planner (a Keyword Planner included with the Google Ads system) and search for keywords that describe your service or product.

Through Google Ads, you have complete control over the advertising process and by working on your page: investing, following trends, watching your search engine rankings change.

It is essential to find the keywords your target audience is using. When doing keyword analysis, you need to select 3-5 major keywords and use from within the ad headlines, use the other keywords for the rest of the site. The 3-5 words you choose should dominate your ad and site. Choosing keywords for a goal has a better position in the searches and represents the most important marketing activity that determines the future of the website as well as the results of the visit. With this activity, you are learning about customers and you are ready for the changes in the market that you need to follow, in order to stay current and not to fall into oblivion. Your site needs to be optimized exactly for the keywords that they write in your ads that can reach you. When selecting keywords, keep in mind the relevance, popularity, competitiveness, and scope of the keyword.

Once you've selected your keywords, determine the maximum price you’re willing to pay for a click, as each keyword has its own cost-per-click. It is necessary to find a balance between cheaper and more expensive words, and spend the given budget wisely. Check out all the options you set, enter your payment information, and reap the benefits of your advertising.

Google Ads has the highest percentage of ROI. A site that is optimized and compliant with Google AdWords features, i.e. Google algorithms, is ranked very high. Audience targeting is a great advantage because you present what you want to, exactly who you want, and can monitor your activities through advertising.

The benefit of paying a position on a particular word is greater than the cost. But if you are already investing time and money into bringing an audience to your site, make sure that the audience remains on your site. Good design is a great way to keep the audience experience on your site comfortable and keep your audience coming back.