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Graphic design – The battle for attention

Graphic design is the art of creating a visual appeal by combining images and texts for the purpose of education, information, advertising and persuasion. Graphic design is an art whose messages are thought provoking. Graphic design is challenging. Graphic design conveys and communicates.

In everyday life we are surrounded by products of graphic design. Wherever you look, you can recognize the art of graphic design; newspapers, posters, calendars, books, logos and the like. Everywhere you look, there’s a bit of graphic design in front of you.

Graphic design now and then

With the advent of advertising, with the refinement of printing techniques, graphic design evolved. In the late 19th century, graphic design flourished through the enormous production of posters. During this period, posters were mostly made by artists of other professions and laid the foundations for the development of graphic design. The poster was a medium of visual communication that conveyed messages to a targeted audience. During World War I, graphic design became a powerful weapon of propaganda. Although it had not yet fully formed as a separate branch at the time, in World War I the design was used to persuade and influence the audience. The makers of propaganda materials have recognized the power that graphic design can have.

They recognized the power and successfully used it. The best example of the power and influence of graphic design from that time can be seen on the 1917 poster of James Montgomery Flag, called “I Want You for U.S. Army”. This poster is one example of good graphic design, addressed to young men to encourage and persuade them to enlist in the U.S. Army. This poster has become one of the most famous posters in the world. The author carefully selected each element of the poster and sent a powerful message with a clear goal.

At the beginning of the 20th century, with the rapid development of the economy and corporate business, there was a need to create a corporate identity. In the 1980s, Nike and Levis were the first to recognize the importance of graphic design trends and understand how much advantage they can give their products over the competition, making them recognizable. “Just Do It” is one of the most effective and original logos that set Nike apart and stands out from the competition.

Brands through visual identity, which include name, logo, associated colors and typography, and especially the logo, try to define the image of themselves.

The logo is the cornerstone of the story that each company communicates and conveys important business messages. In the branding process, the most creative step is to design a visual identity.

This step is crucial in building brand awareness because it contains the idea and the core of your business. The first impression is occasionally crucial and to leave a positive first impression. A good, original logo has great effect. Unlike a good logo, a bad logo, can cost you a lot. Don't let bad, cheap design leave any negative effects on your business.

Graphic design is a separate discipline today. Each branch of the business slowly recognizes the importance of graphic design, as a means of communication and shaping their visual identity.

Battle for Attention

Nowadays, the media is bombarding us with overwhelming information, and an active battle is underway for audience attention. Good graphic design is a great way to get attention. Graphic design conveys the messages that the audience interprets. It is the art of visual communication that enhances the value of a product, motivates potential customers, cultivates brand recognition and influences the public perception of a company, service or product. Design communicates identity and character, interrelationship, arouses interest, persuades and arouses reaction.

The basic task of graphic design today is communication, because to design means to communicate by all means you can control. As a result, the term “graphic” is increasingly being replaced by the term “communicative”. Design implies dialogue between the client, the designer and the audience as designers translate messages into a graphic meaning tailored for each communication channel.

Designers; people who have previously remained in the shadow of their messages, are gaining in importance today. They seek to understand the communication between themselves and the observer as much as possible, and tailor their messages to the observer. A well-interpreted message means good graphic design.

Designers should not only be viewed through the product they design, but through the impact they have on the audience. Graphic design objects should be treated as a means of stimulating action, a means that encourages people to act, fulfill and satisfy their desires and needs. Design is a virtual language that goes beyond any easy-to-understand message with the knowledge and vision of a graphic artist.

Graphic designers need to have a vision, and the information they want to convey needs to condense into cultural content. Using images, graphics and texts, designers tell a story or message that appeals to potential users. When creating these stories, their elements should blend together into an original, engaging and simple entity. Such entity will make a business, service or product recognizable, and stand out from the crowd. Simple and original messages are memorable messages. Designer's tools are limitless and possibilities are also, limitless.

Make a Difference, Design Different

The development of the Internet opens up various opportunities in all branches of business. The evolution of graphic design is inextricably linked to the technological development of tools that allow designers to work with increasing efficiency.

Today, some design contracting authorities do not recognize the importance of good design and a good graphic designer. Designers are involved in communication, creating experiences and objects that shape our world and their role is not negligible. Well-designed directions or signposts make everyday life easier. So graphic design makes it easy to do business. Good design attracts, and retains quality. Design is an investment, not a cost.

An investment that plays a big role in business. Continuous care for visual communications is part of proper business strategy and a long-term profitable investment. Graphic design is an art form that expands the visual culture, connecting the social, humanities and technological sciences in a creative way. What cannot be described in words can be expressed by a visual design.

High quality visuals that represent the company, add credibility to the brand and create a sense of professionalism and reliability for the customers. The unique design makes the difference. By distinguishing yourself from the others, the brand has the advantage that, by being noticed and recognizable, people will trust it more. This unique design will guide their decisions whether or not they recognize it.

A well-designed, therefore, visually appealing and functional website is a prerequisite for attracting and retaining attention. Good design is necessary no matter what it is promotes. This is because design is the art of persuading and promoting a brand, and creativity is crucial. Transmitting ideas in a new and original way has a positive impact on existing and new users. Humans are visual beings and 90% of the information that reaches our brain is visual in nature, and that is why the question of why graphic design matters.

Graphic designers today are not just designers, technicians and the like, their field of activity also extends to understanding the social, psychological, cultural and economic factors that affect life in a society. Their profession is expanding to new digital technologies. The computer is the primary tool for most designers and the development of technology and the Internet has increased the speed of graphic designer's work. Design is no longer a static means of messaging, but has become a multimedia means of communication.

ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) is trying to promote graphic design as a profession vital to every business. Designers are opposed to the traditional notion of beauty and create provocative works with occasionally radical ideas. And that is the beauty of this art. The stifling of creative and artistic freedom is one of the first reasons why graphic designers often work independently. Invest in good design because good design means diversity and excellence.

The greatest value of graphic design is in the message being conveyed, the message behind the “ordinary sign” which means much more than the “ordinary sign”. One “character” is sufficient to provoke a reaction, therefore, let your “signs” be well and attractively designed.