SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key part of website optimization for better search engine positioning.

Natural results or organic results are those results that appear at the top of the search engines depending on the quality of the site itself and such results i.e. sources are considered as the most relevant and important sources of information.

SEO only affects the natural results and every well-positioned website has excellent page optimization.

Search engine optimisation - SEO
Organic traffic increase
Reduced bounce rate
Increase in average time on site
Increase pages per session

Why is search engine optimization important?

The first results, i.e. the first web pages on the search engine get 92% of the traffic, while on the second page of the results the traffic decreases by 95%.

Search engine optimization benefits

70% - 90% of the visits to your site come from search engines and it is obvious what potential 'search engines' are hiding.
Search engine optimization benefits

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